Three brand new Chris-Craft boats are available in Cyprus this season!

Chris-Craft boats are one of the icons of the United States, a legendary brand that has been known for its unique design and superior quality since its founding in 1874. At all times, Chris-Craft has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luxury boats, known for its elegance, recognizable style and distinctive on-board atmosphere.

One of the key characteristics of Chris-Craft powerboats is their design. All boats are hand crafted which gives each hull a very personal and unique touch. Every Chris-Craft boat is a work of art that embodies the best traditions of old-school boat building.



One of the hallmarks of the brand is the luxurious helm, just look at the Chris-Craft Launch 28 GT steering wheel! The top of the steering wheel is made of Brazilian mahogany, a textured and noble material coated in a special glossy lacquer that will protect the wood from the touches of generations of owners, and the bottom is covered in cream embossed leather with contrasting cross stitching.

The hub is made of premium quality stainless steel (AISI 316) and polished to a mirror finish, the center section with the Chris-Craft logo is weighted with a counterweight to ensure that the emblem is always in the same position, “a Rolls-Royce Phantom parlor trick” you say, and you would probably be right, but how cool it sits in the hand!



Plenty of teak, stainless steel, stitched vinyl of the highest quality similar to leather (real leather, unfortunately, is not as durable), all harmonize on board in a symphony of the highest quality, and you tactilely feel that goodness, inspiring calm and feeling of something real, made by true craftsmen.

However, the design and style of Chris-Craft boats is not the only reason why they are so popular. Quality and performance also play a large part. Every Chris-Craft powerboat undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure that it meets the highest standards. The company uses only the finest materials and state-of-the-art technology is used in the construction of each hull, along with the handiwork of shipwrights and cabinetmakers.

This allows Chris-Craft boats to demonstrate high performance, safety and reliability. For example, the Chris-Craft Launch 28 GT is equipped with a powerful Mercury V8 8.2L 430 hp stationary motor that will get you up to 53 knots (83 km/h) and transom plates are already included as standard for more responsive and efficient boat handling.



To ensure your comfort on board, the Sea Keeper Ride is standard on every Chris-Craft model since 2023, the first and only VACS (Vector Attitude Control System) based on advanced aerospace technology for pitch, roll and yaw control.

Chris-Craft boats are also known for their versatility. They are ideal for cruising the seas as well as fishing and other water activities. The shipyard makes boats in a variety of sizes and models to meet every customer need. They also offer a wide range of optional extras, allowing you to customize your boat to your specific needs and preferences.


In Cyprus this season, there will be three models of Chris-Craft available simultaneously.


The flagship model of the shipyard, the Chris-Craft Launch 35 GT, is the largest among the Chris-Craft models and is equipped with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable and memorable water vacation. With its stylish profile, identifiable corporate identity, including a reverse transom and extended bow, the Launch 35 GT offers an unforgettable experience while at the helm. It is powered by two stationary Mercury V8 8.2L engines, each with 430 horsepower, and capable of achieving speeds of up to 56 knots (90 km/h).


Boat Launch 35 GT (472) | ID: 23652


In stock
Launch 35 GT (472)
Price 721 101 € (ex. VAT)
Length 10.7 m
Engines 2 x Mercury V8 8.2L


The Chris-Craft Launch 28 GT is a luxurious and versatile bowrider, ideal for weekend sea voyages and water sports. Its stunning beauty, dynamic speed, and perfect control make it an excellent option for a romantic date or a weekend getaway.


Boat Launch 28 GT (471) | ID: 23550


In stock
Launch 28 GT (471)
Price 390 916 € (ex. VAT)
Length 8.72 m
Engines Mercury V8 8.2L


The Launch 27 by Chris-Craft offers superior dynamics, beautiful and responsive handling, and impressive speed and agility, while still maintaining the classic family traits of the brand. Every element of the Launch 27 reflects thoughtful functionality and traditional craftsmanship that Chris-Craft is known for.


Boat Launch 27 (469) | ID: 23689


In stock
Launch 27 (469)
Price 246 591 € (ex. VAT)
Length 8.13 m
Engines Mercury V8 8.2L B3


If you are interested in learning more about Chris-Craft boats, receiving detailed advice on available boats, or scheduling a viewing, you can either call +357 998 75 574 or visit our office located in Limassol Marina.


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